Welcome to Something Kawaii

Kawaii means cute in Japanese and at Something Kawaii, we try to bring the cuteness of Japan to you. Our parent company has been trading online since 2002 selling Japanese toys when they were almost unheard of in the UK – now you can find them almost everywhere. We are trying to do the same with kawaii fashion now which is once again not that well known in the UK even though some Japanese teen pop culture has crossed over to the US mainly due to some well-known singers wearing Kawaii Jewellery or launching their own line.

We aim to be the one-stop Kawaii shop in the UK for Kawaii accessories, Kawaii stationery, Japanese decora, Plushes, Squishies, Kawaii clothing, Kawaii Jewellery, Japanese sweets and Zakka. Something Kawaii aims to bring as much cuteness as it can by giving you the total kawaii experience.

We are also an authorised dealer in UK/Europe for Padico Japan, Hamanaka Japan, mt Washi tapes and Bandai.

Why not capture the essence of Kawaii at Something Kawaii?