Kawaii Decora

Unlock your creative potential and indulge in fun with our delightful kawaii decora collection! Infuse a touch of cuteness into your style with our Kawaii deco tapes, Polymer clay fruit canes, Japanese Fuwa Fuwa paper clay, and Kawaii lace tapes. Elevate your crafting journey with premium supplies such as Padico UV-LED resin, Padico air-dry clay, moulds, crafting tools, and more. Embrace the charm and versatility of our collection to make each creation uniquely yours.

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Pompompurin Clear Decoration Tape


Japanese Geisha Washi Tape


Sanrio Characters Washi Tape


Cinamoroll Washi Tape


Pokemon Washi Tape


Padico Clear silicone Mould Gel – 100g


Padico UV-LED Coating Resin “Star Drop Matte” – 30g


Padico Tokenai-kun Water Resistant Air Dry Clay – 100g White


Padico Air-Dry Stone Clay Starter Set for Beginners


Padico Air-Dry Stone Clay Pottery-Style Accessory Kit


La Doll Premier Air Dry Stone Clay – 100g White


Padico Silicone Mould – Flower Cabochon


Padico Silicone Mould – Hydrangea


Padico Silicone Mould – 3D Water drop


Padico Jewel Colour Clear Set – Flowers


Padico UV-LED Curing Resin “Star Drop” – Gummy Type 25g


Padico Silicone Mold Sphere -12mm


My Melody Washi Tape


Padico Gold Crank Eye Bolt – 10 pcs


Padico Silver Crank Eye Bolt – 10 pcs