Fimo Nail Art Polymer Clay Fruit Cane


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Dimensions: 0.5 × 5 cm

Product Description

Fimo Nail Art Polymer Clay Fruit Canes are the ‘In Thing’ at the moment in the world of Nail deco. Made of hardened polymer clay, the Fimo fruit clay canes are highly detailed and you can even get up to 100 slices of the design from a single stick. Sliced pieces can stick to almost anything you want. Not only can they be glued onto your nails and then coated with varnish to get beautiful looking nails, you can also let your creativity run wild. Stick them to almost anything so why not try pimping your phones, iPods, Ds and see what else can be brightened up with this cute Kawaii deco.
When an order is placed you will get a random fruit design, this could include oranges, limes and even more exotic variations such as watermelons, star fruits and kiwi. If you are looking for a specific one please let us know, we will try to send out the one you want.

Colours may vary, not suitable for children due to small parts.

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