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Japanese Kit kat Wa Ichigo – 3 pack


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Product Description

Why settle for a something normal, when you can try something exciting and unique like the flavoured Kit-Kats from Nestle Japan! This unique Japanese Kit-Kat Wa Ichigo 3 pack is made with Tochiotome strawberries, a variety renowned in Japan for its delicate balance of sweetness and tartness. They come in a beautiful presentation box with a blank space at the back with dear and from Column to write your own personal message to some one if you wish.

The creamy Strawberry infused chocolate combined with the crunchy wafer biscuit makes it a must try Kit-Kat and once you try it, you’ll want to go back for more!

Allergy advice – Contains milk, wheat & soy bean.

Unlike some online retailers in the UK or abroad, all our Japanese candy kits are supplied with a UK Foods standard agency recommended food allergy labelling in English. Images are for illustrative purpose only.