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Padico Clear silicone Mould Gel – 100g


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Product Description

Padico Clear silicone Mould Gel from Padico Japan is ideal for making your unique moulds or replicating any items you may have.

Material Compatibility:

Some items may inhibit the cure of Clear Silicone Mold Gel. Please check the material of the original item in the following list.

  • Good: PP, PE, PET, ABS, Resin Clay.
  • Okay: Extra lightweight clay, stone clay, wax.
  • Before applying to original items, test the compatibility of the surface on the original piece.
  • To prevent the hardening inhibition, coat the original item with acrylic spray, varnish, or paint first and start applying Clear Silicone Mold Gel.
  • Not suitable: Items contain sulfur, phosphorus, nitrogen oxides, water, and organometallic salts, such as organic rubber chemicals, PVC, and adhesive.

How to use:

  • First, clean the item you plan to make a mould from.
  • Use a Mould Box or similar container which silicone will not adhere to.
  • Put the item in the bottom of the container, with the top facing upwards.
  • Weigh out equal amounts of A and B (1:1 ratio).  Package size: 100g (50g Part A, 50g Part B).
  • Mix well using the included spatula. Mix steadily but not too fast, as it can introduce bubbles.
  • Pour over your object slowly and ensure it is covered over.
  • Silicone will begin curing in 30 mins, but leave to fully cure for 24 hours. The time can be dependent on temperature and humidity.

Once cured, remove your moulded object, and your mould will be ready to use!

Padico Japan products are made from carefully selected ingredients approved by FDA and safety checked. Does not contain any toxins. Padico products are made strictly for the adult craft/modelling market and not for any other uses including consumption.