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Padico LED Curing Resin “Star Drop” – Soft Type


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Product Description

Padico LED Curing Resin “Star Drop” – Soft Type from Padico Japan is an advanced one component LED curing resin with speedy curing and is ideally suitable for coating flowers. It can used with either an UV light 36W or a LED light 405nm/ 365nm. Compared to the cure time of a UV resin, it is much quicker. It usually starts to cure in just a few seconds and completely done in 30 – 90 seconds with UV-LED light. After cured, it is waterproof and transparent. It also doesn’t yellow with time. Bottle weight is 25g.

Cured time:

  • 2 minutes with UV light (36w)
  • 30 – 90 seconds with a LED light 405nm/ 365nm


  • Do not use UV resin in direct sunlight.
  • Do not leave UV resin under the fluorescent light for a long time.
  • Always use gloves, glasses, and apron to protect any direct contact with skin, eyes or clothing.
  • Cured UV resin doesn’t stick well on a smooth surface or a metal accessory. If necessary, glue can used or nail polish works as  well to stick the UV gel on a metal surface.
  • Paint the polish on the surface before pouring the resin. Sanding the surface is also helpful.

Padico Japan products are made from carefully selected ingredients approved by FDA and safety checked. Does not contain any toxins. Padico products are made strictly for adult craft/modelling market and not for any other uses including consumption.