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Padico Soft Mini Jewel Mold – Simple Dome & Oval


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Product Description

The Padico Soft Mini Jewel – Simple Dome & Oval Mould is ideal for making different sizes of jewellery. This mould will help you make simple dome & oval designs,

It is recommended to use Vaseline or baby lotion to grease the moulds if you are using clay that tends to stick or has a stickier than usual texture. The mould is made of polypropylene and is bendable and flexible. It works well with clear resin and soft clay.

Material: PP Heat-resistant temperature: 70 C, Cold temperature: -20 C.

Padico Japan products are made from carefully selected ingredients approved by FDA and safety checked. Does not contain any toxins. Padico products are made strictly for adult craft/modelling market and not for any other uses including consumption.