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Padico Tokenai-kun Water Resistant Air Dry Clay – 100g White


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Product Description

Padico Tokenai-kun Water Resistant Air Dry Clay is an alternative to Mermaid Puffy Clay. It’s a very lightweight clay with elasticity and is resistant to drops of water and provides a smoother & finer texture like Hearty clay. Great for making charms, accessories, and other items for external use.

– When the clay dries completely, it is less soluble in water.
– Clay is lightweight, bendable, and has a durable finish.
– Resistant to water, the clay does not dissolve easily when wet.
– Soft clay that does not stick to hands and is easy to handle
– Clay does not warp easily when stretched thinly.
– Clay can be kneaded with paint or painted after it dries

* Due to its water resistance level, it cannot be used for vases or submerged objects.
* Not suitable for long-time exposure to the outdoors.
* Acrylic paints are recommended for mixing and coloring.

PADICO Japan products are made from carefully selected ingredients approved by the FDA and safety-checked. It doesn’t contain any toxins. Even so, Padico products are made strictly for the adult craft/modelling market and not for any other uses including consumption.