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Padico UV-LED Coating Resin “Star Drop Gloss” – 30g


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Product Description

Padico UV-LED Coating Resin “Star Drop Gloss” from Padico Japan is a specialised resin for the surface finishing of any art piece. The resins cure quickly after application and produce a hard finish with no surface stickiness. It’s a low-viscosity-flowing liquid resin too and supplied with a nozzle cap and three flock tip pieces.

Cured time:

  • UV-LED light (6W-9W) 30 – 120 seconds
  • UV light (36W) 2 – 4 minutes
  • Bright sunlight 30 – 120 seconds
  • Cloudy sunlight 3 – 10 minutes

*Curing time depends on the work environment.


  • Low viscosity flowing liquid resin
  • Hard finish and scratch-resistant
  • Easy to apply thinly
  • Less unpleasant odor characteristic of resin
  • Quick curing time
  • No stickiness after curing due to coating
  • Yellowing-resistant coating resin*
  • Beautiful finish when dipped directly into the liquid.
  • Brush marks do not stick to the surface, and even can be applied even the detailed areas
  • A small amount can be put out with a nozzle

*Discoloration characteristic of resin may occur due to aging.

Padico Japan products are made from carefully selected ingredients approved by FDA and safety checked. Does not contain any toxins. Padico products are made strictly for the adult craft/modelling market and not for any other uses including consumption.