Chou-Cream Puff Squishy


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Dimensions: 8 × 8 × 5 cm

Product Description

Chou-Cream Puff Squishy is a large size squishy and looks like the real thing. It has a very textured surface and also features sprinkled icing look on the surface. Please note, it is not a super slow rising as the package says and is only moderate in terms of squishiness. The Chou-Cream Puff squishy comes in three different colours and is supplied in its original Japanese packing. Supplied with a fine ball chain, so it can be hung on your phone or keychain etc.

Images are for illustrative purpose only. One colour will be sent out at random. Colours and design may vary. Squishies are not always perfect and may have some imperfections on the surface due to the nature of the product.