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Padico UV Resin Jewel Colour – Brown


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Product Description

The Padico UV Resin Brown Jewel Colour  “Houseki-no-Shizuku” is a pigment liquid  for tinting UV resins used mostly in jewellery making. There are twelve colours in the series and they are:  Pink, Red, Orange, Yellow, Yellow green, Green, Cyan, Blue, Purple, Brown, Black, and White.

Each liquid pigment can be used alone or blended with other pigments to achieve the right colour and finish as they can be mixed with all three  types of Padico UV transparent resins. Mix a drop of the pigment with resin, and it perfectly imitates the look of tinted glass and jewellery stone after cured.

Bottle is also designed with a special tip, so you can control the drop precisely without staining your hands.

Padico Japan products are made from carefully selected ingredients approved by FDA and safety checked. Does not contain any toxins. Padico products are made strictly for adult craft/modelling market and not for any other uses including consumption.